Playing Dart

I noticed that my mother and her husband have a dart board in their garden now. It’s been a while since I played dart and I challenged them to play it with me. I am out of practice but I improved again with each round. But of course I am a much better hobby photographer than a dart player and I wanted a picture of the darts with shallow depth of field or blurred background. My 50mm lens was attached and I like this lens for this type of photography, so that I shot the photo… Continue reading Playing Dart

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines to Patterns

Above you can see my contribution to the Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines to Patterns. A friend and me met each other to go play darts. The problem is that he is in a dart club and me not. He threw his darts often three times in a row in the same numbers. But on the photo above you can see my throws. They seems to be more random, right? Yea, and I do suggest you to go aside or better, go run for cover if you meet me anywhere playing darts. 😀 Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines to Patterns