Eurasian Blackcap

It’s been a while since I uploaded a bird photo, so, here we go! I saw this bird photo in my library, it’s a Eurasian blackcap bird (Sylvia atricapilla). I already showed you one in the past. The current photo is not perfect due to the distracting tree branches and the blurry bottom of the image. But it’s also not a photo I would want to delete because you can still make the bird out. I hope you like the photo nonetheless. Continue reading Eurasian Blackcap

Old Female Eurasian Blackcap Bird

Not every photo comes with a happy story. When I did hike through a small forest in Reinfeld, I noticed a bird sound in the shrubs. I found the bird in the photo of this post close to me, I was surprised because the bird was just a few meters away from me and it did not fly away when I came closer. Birds don’t let you come that close, and here is the sad story, the did just walk away from me, which is why I assumed that it had trouble to fly. I thought it was an old … Continue reading Old Female Eurasian Blackcap Bird

Beautiful Forest Bird

Today I walked through the forest again and then I saw a bird in the bush, it’s most likely an Eurasian blackcap bird, a male, because the females have an orange cap and not a black one. During my research I also thought it could be a March tit or the Willow tit, but now I am sure it’s the Eurasian blackcap because the others would have a black marking on the chin and there were some other differences. After I nailed it down to the three birds, I asked the Google image search and thought, yeah, this should definitely … Continue reading Beautiful Forest Bird