Green Eyes

Here is a photo that I shot through a fence and it annoyed me that it was visible in the photo. So, instead, I used this cat photo to do experimental editing. I converted it to black and white and I thought I do something fun and add green eyes, which are of course fake but who wouldn’t have thought. I sometimes like to try less realistic things and did this several times in the past. For example, when my cat Shyna got golden eyes and blue eyes. Continue reading Green Eyes

Cute Bunny With Blue Eyes

As I didn’t do a lot of things with my camera outside over the recent time, I looked through my photo library to see if I find something interesting. I found this photo of a cute bunny, it’s the pet of someone in the family. I do generally like these animals, but this bunny does have blue eyes, that makes it even more cute. I think I uploaded already some photos of the same bunny, but here is one cropped version where you see the eyes better… Continue reading Cute Bunny With Blue Eyes

Hidden Fur Monster

If looks could kill, maybe I would sell my cat, but I am glad that I don’t have to. My fur monster Shyna looks pretty funny in the photo of this post, I really had to laugh about the photo. When I shot the photo, she was pretty attentive with her wide opened eyes, and I believe it was because the terrace door was used several times by family members. I think this is one of the photos that screams for a caption, it would maybe make a great meme with the right caption. I hope you like the photo. Continue reading Hidden Fur Monster

Eye Spy

It’s interesting, yesterday I uploaded a photo of my cat Shyna and I talked about her eyes, and today there is the photo challenge called Eye Spy, a photo challenge about eyes. Don’t worry, I have so many photos of Shyna, and I thought the photo of this post fits very well to the challenge. To be honest, I like this photo even more, it’s extremely cute anyhow. If you wonder what she has in her mouth, she was chewing on a cat play pole, but it looks as if she would drink from a straw. I shot several photos … Continue reading Eye Spy

Played with Photoshop… My Cat Has Now Blue Eyes

Sometimes boredom is not too bad. Sometimes it will make you do thinks you didn´t for a long time. In my case it made me play with Photoshop today. I was looking for photos on my computer and found a few not so good photos and wanted to test out what I can do with them in Photoshop. Above you can see a photo of my cat Shyna but I heavily edited the image. So yes, you can say it is a fake image. Much changes of the original image. I did add much contrast. I am not sure why … Continue reading Played with Photoshop… My Cat Has Now Blue Eyes