Late Justice Drama

If you are blogging for so many years, you will experience some funny things. Most often you make blogging friends, and the community at WordPress is one of the best communities I have experienced. There are more shitty places in the web, but even if you found a good community, there is a chance that you will meet a troll some day. But before that happens, you’re starting to think about the Fermi Paradox, because “Statistically there should be other civilizations in the universe, but where are they?” is a very similar question like “Statistically there should be trolls in … Continue reading Late Justice Drama

One Impudent Blogger and the Copyright Infringement.

I found one very impudent blogger yesterday after browsing some cat related blogs. I just saw some hight quality photos which I saw already anywhere else. The blogger did just upload the images without even linking back to the original content. Because I knew these photos, I browsed a little bit deeper into the blog and found even more stolen photos and thought to ask google for a text passage of a very well written article on the blog. What I found out is that even the articles were stolen from different websites. At the end I noticed there was … Continue reading One Impudent Blogger and the Copyright Infringement.