Winter Season

I found the photo above in my library and thought it would be a great winter season upload. Nobody really believed that we would still get cold days or snow, but we all were wrong. Since a week we got actual winter weather. A couple of days ago I was shopping for food when a checkout woman I know made a funny comment about my red nose. I was outside for so long that my nose and face was red, and she said “It’s damn cold outside, makes you hope for spring season, right?”. My small talk answer was “I … Continue reading Winter Season

Firs and Snow

Another photo of the snowy days here in North Germany. I didn´t mention it but I like fir trees pretty much. And they do look even better if they are full of snow. But if there is wind, then it might happen that you get a load of snow in your face. We still have snow drifts here. The snow from the ground swirls but also the snow from the trees around you. It´s better to be well-dressed here these days. Continue reading Firs and Snow