Little League Photo Shooting

When all your friends and family members know that you are into photography, it sometimes happens that they ask you if you can shoot photos for them. That’s basically how I often got a chance to gain experience in portrait photography as well. As with everything, you have to learn it, by just doing it. When I go through my library, I see how my portraits got better and better, although there is probably still room to improve. I don’t own an external flash yet, but I think that could improve my portraits too in the future. To get back … Continue reading Little League Photo Shooting

The Pink Ladybug

This ladybug did sit on the finger of a friend last summer. And I had to shoot a photo. I recovered the photo in one of my folders today and decided to edit the photo. I didn´t like the original image and added some focal blur and decreased the color saturation in the area while I kept and enhanced the color of the ladybug so that the insect stays in focus. I decided to colorize the ladybug from red to pink so that the image looks somewhat unnatural and funny. The result of the last change is not that good … Continue reading The Pink Ladybug

Some new Flower Photos, a Spider and the new Digital Camera

Some of you noticed that my blog was at least the last few blog posts focused on photography as my mother took some pretty awesome flower photos with a low-priced camera but the results were pretty awesome under the mentioned conditions in my opinion: – This Flower isn´t dangerous – A Flower which could play Music or not – Deep Inside the Flowerbed – A pretty yellow Flower and the Bugs – A pink Flower for Birthday That really floored me and I really can get pretty much excited about creative hobbies. I play guitar, I love to mess around … Continue reading Some new Flower Photos, a Spider and the new Digital Camera