House Sparrow

Here is a photo of a house sparrow that I shot during a hike in Bad Schwartau, a town that is smaller and more rural. I found a lot of sparrows on my way, there are much more in rural areas. I did already take several pictures of sparrows in the past, but this time I am actually not that sure if the bird in the picture is a female or male sparrow. However, it’s definitely a sparrow, that’s enough to know to tag this photo correctly for my blog. I hope you liked this photo. Continue reading House Sparrow

Common Chaffinch On A Branch

Above you can see a photo of a Common Chaffinch. I believe I shot the photo at the same day when I recorded a video of a Common Chaffinch, it’s probably even the same bird but shot in another perspective. Sometimes it can be challenging to take photos of birds, especially if they are not at eye level, which is why the perspective of the photo in this post is not so good. Anyway, the photo is also not too bad, and I wanted to have the photo in my collection of bird photos. Continue reading Common Chaffinch On A Branch

Cormorant take off?

During my hike through the Schellbruch I shot several photos of birds. It’s said that there are over 200 different species, that means it was not very difficult to see a few of them. I am not a bird expert, that means I had to research about several birds in my photos. The following series of pictures maybe shows any kind of cormorant, that’s at least the conclusion of me and several people I showed the photos. What do you think? I am pretty much sure it is a cormorant, but I am not sure what kind of cormorant. According … Continue reading Cormorant take off?