The Fancy Daisy

I uploaded the photo above already to an older blogpost about a digital camera I bought last summer. You can find the original photo in the mentioned blogpost. But I was bored and edited a few older photos. I came across the daisy photo and liked how differend effects did appeal on the image. Well, above you see the result of the edited photo. I like the new edited image pretty much. It´s a fancy daisy now and I hope worth to show you… What do you think? Continue reading The Fancy Daisy

Abandoned Place in Thuringia

I found one photo in the folders of my computer and it was not a good looking photo but I thought I do edit it a bit. And I do believe the result is amazing. What do you think? I edited the image with an android app called “pixlr o’matic” on my Smart Phone. It´s a small app and you can´t compare it with Photoshop. However, the results of the nifty app is sometimes suprising. It is possible to choose between differend layers, lights and frames. It is fun to play with. The photo is made in Thuringia, as the … Continue reading Abandoned Place in Thuringia

Tutorial: Converting, Batch Rename and Batch Resize your Photos with IrfanView

There is often the problem that you took tons of photos you want to use anywhere, for example online but the size of all your photos are too big. Also you are sometimes not happy with the names of the photo series as the camera did decide about the filename. You could now either rename and resize every single photo by hand or you let a tool work for you. IrfanView is a pretty nifty little free and fast loading tool I use for these tasks. In this tutorial I will explain you how batch renaming and batch resizing of … Continue reading Tutorial: Converting, Batch Rename and Batch Resize your Photos with IrfanView