Beautiful Brown Horse

I am back to Lübeck, but I shot so many photos in Reinfeld that it will take ages to upload them all to my blog. Anyway, I don’t complain because it’s good to have so many photos for future uploads. In this post I wanted to show you one of the photos that I shot there, it’s a beautiful brown horse on a lawn and I hope you like the photo. I never expected that I would get so much into photography, but now I do already have quite a mass of photos on my blog. Continue reading Beautiful Brown Horse

A Pigeon On A Field

Even if you can find pigeons everywhere, I still like to take photos of them, because it’s all about practicing. I believe if I take a lot of photos, I can improve my future work, and to me it doesn’t matter how often you can find a subject, I still like to take pictures of them. In the case of my recent pigeon photo, I liked how the pigeon was sitting there lonely on the field. I started to enjoy bird photography, although I do think it can be very challenging if you want to take photos of special birds … Continue reading A Pigeon On A Field