Do You Want Battlefield 4 Ringtones?

DICE published an article on their Batttlefield 4 blog and they published some Battlefield 4 related ringtones as part of the community appreciation month. The ringtones are hosted on soundcloud and it is easy to download them. You will find a download button under each ringtone in the article of DICE. It is in my opinion still questionable if this is the right approach to build up confidence after all the mess player´s are gone through. Are ringtones the righ compensation in your opinion? Continue reading Do You Want Battlefield 4 Ringtones?

I bought a Smartphone

This is really not an interesting blogpost. In fact it is just a test. I bought an android Smartphone. I bought the Sony Xperia P. I also downloaded an android WordPress app which I test in this moment. Thats why this blogpost isnt interesting. But its interesting what is possible today or? Oh this message took me many minutes! Still cant write fast with the Smartphone 🙂 Continue reading I bought a Smartphone