Beautiful Moss

Except for Christmas decorations and so, there is not much colour in the season. I went through the city today and then I saw this moss growing over a wall. I like moss, I liked the underwater moss in my fish tanks, but normal moss is beautiful too. I was happy to find something green today, and I used my 50mm lens wide open because I wanted to get a very blurry background and a focus on the moss. I hope you like this photo, it’s a minimalistic photo I guess. Continue reading Beautiful Moss

Micro Biotope

This is a photo of moss and shoots in one of the flower boxes on my mother´s balcony. It´s very tiny and a wonder that my camera was able to take this scene but I´m quite unhappy because the picture is blurred where it shouldn´t be. I have no control about the focus with my point and shoot which is bad. But as mentioned several times, I will dig into macro photography when the time has come and when I have my money together for a decent DSLR or SLR. I really want to take photos of the tiny universe … Continue reading Micro Biotope

Fence Wire On Dark Background

I have edited one of my images with Photoshop and you can see the results above. I tried to take a close-up shot of fence wire. I especially liked the moss on the wire. The only thing I changed with the image is that I did darken the background. I said it before, I like dark backgrounds and I am not really sure why. Maybe because it can create a focus on the subject. Here is the original image that I shot with my digital camera… Continue reading Fence Wire On Dark Background

Just a Photo of a small German Forest in Mölln

I took this Photo in Mölln. It is one of the Photos I took near the Animal Park there I mentioned on the Blog. I do like how all the Moss and Grass is still growing under the Trees. There is still a lot Light of the Sun going through the Branches of the Trees which makes the Photo interesting too. I like the Nature there pretty much. The Nature looks pretty fresh and healthy in my Opinion. Continue reading Just a Photo of a small German Forest in Mölln

Abstract Photo of Riccia fluitans Moss in my Fish Tank.

I thought this is a Photo I must upload and add to a Blogpost. I found that Photo somewhat abstract. I took this Photo when I opened my Fish Tank. This is a Plant, to be exact this is a Moss called Riccia fluitans and it is floating on the Water Surface. Some time ago I did place this Moss on stones with a Hairnet. Many people do it. The thing is it will grow and after some time you wont see the Hairnet anymore and the Stone will keep this Moss underwater and it looks like crazy green Moss … Continue reading Abstract Photo of Riccia fluitans Moss in my Fish Tank.