Mice Meeting

Above you can see two mice of my half-brother. We took the photo last summer when we did let them play on the lawn. We had to be very careful that they don’t run away. But even if they are fast runners, they were not that fast outside due to the fuzzy grass and probably also because they are not that experienced like a mouse that lives in this habitat. Anyway, that doesn’t mean that they didn’t try to check out the whole lawn. We had to be careful anyway. Continue reading Mice Meeting

Black Mouse Photo

My half-brother likes mouses and had several of them. When he presents them, I always have to take photos because they are so cute. I shot the photo above last summer. I really can’t await when I get better photography gear some day because the images would be more clear. Anyway, I think the photo is not too bad. Needs to be in my photo collection! Continue reading Black Mouse Photo

Mouse In The Grass

I love the image above. My mother shot the photo and it is the mouse of my half-brother. My mother has a big plant pot on the balcony full of grass. I think it´s the perfect place to shoot mice photos. She took the photo with her Samsung Galaxy S2 or S3 I think. I really like how the black and white mouse appears on the green grass background. It´s cute! Continue reading Mouse In The Grass

This Mouse does explore the Flower Pot

My half-brother does have mouse’s and sometimes he lets them out on the balcony. He did take some photos to send me those. Pretty great if the family provides some interesting photos as well. The photos above are definitely worth to put in my animal category here on the blog. I just can say that it is absolutely funny to watch mouse’s while they are exploring the area around them. Continue reading This Mouse does explore the Flower Pot

What Cats do in the Night

The Husband of my Mother is Groundskeeper and Security for a Property Area at the same Time. That does mean he also has a connection to a Server or let me say Cameras on the Propertys. So he can monitor from Home as well whats happening there and thats what he is doing Time by Time but not the whole Day. However.. he found this Cat on the Screen and he told me the Cat was hunting for Food. He thought the Cat was on her daily Routine to hunt some Mouses and that seems to be true 🙂 I … Continue reading What Cats do in the Night