Roast Potatoes With Omelet

I didn’t come up with any photos over the last days because I’ve been very busy with other things in my life. However, I thought I share a photo from my archives again. This time I want to show you a plate filled with tasty roast potatoes and an egg omelet. This is the type of food that was invented for lazy people like I am. You can’t cook faster, you maybe can, but this is one of the top 100 meals that are done in no time. It’s not only prepared fast, it’s super delicious. I wouldn’t wonder if … Continue reading Roast Potatoes With Omelet

Roast Potatos, Junket and Omelette with Vegetables

Very common german cuisine… Roast potatos, junket and omelette with vegetables! I love it so much. It´s what I call culinary delight. If I am proud about anything german then it is our german cuisine. While I still eat other things and international stuff too, german food is simply awesome. Fortunately the husband of my mother is really good when he swings the cooking spoon and I really like to eat there if I am invited. But I think I mentioned it pretty often on my blog. 🙂 Continue reading Roast Potatos, Junket and Omelette with Vegetables