Lady Amherst’s Pheasant

I am already at it, here is another bird photo. The bird in the picture is a Lady Amherst’s pheasant (Chrysolophus amherstiae). I found this bird in a larger outdoor birdcage as well during my time in Reinfeld. I shot the photo through the mesh of the cage but this is possible with DSLR lenses, especially with long lenses. On that way I got a nice close-up portrait of this bird but I also cropped the image a bit. Continue reading Lady Amherst’s Pheasant

Beautiful Golden Pheasant

Today I walked again through one of the small forests in Reinfeld, and I found a small station where you can watch birds. I actually found this place already a month ago, but it was difficult to take photos with my 18-105mm lens, because the birds are in big cages and I couldn’t get close enough with that lens. Now I have the Tamron 70-300mm lens and this allows me to get closer to all kind of subjects. But there was still the grid of the cages between me and the birds, but I noticed that the grid would basically … Continue reading Beautiful Golden Pheasant