Dark Horse

I do always take photos of horses if I see some. They are beautiful, like all animals. To be honest, if I would win the lottery, I would probably get myself a horse too. When I hike through small forest areas, I often see people riding their horses through the forest. This must be relaxing. Talking about the photo again, I am wondering if it is normal that you can see the rips of the horse. I am no horse expert. Is the horse ill or is it just a very skinny horse? I still think the horse is very … Continue reading Dark Horse


Here is a photo that I shot last year if I am right. I remember I was hiking somewhere outside of the city and found a very small farm with several ponies. One was curious and came closer to the fence. But with the tele lens I got even closer, so that it turned out like a good horse portrait. I didn’t really edit the photo a lot, it was just a bit dark that day, which is why I increased the exposure level a bit in Lightroom. I hope you like the photo. I have more photos of horses … Continue reading Pony