Your Previous Work Is Still Interesting

As soon as I got my first DSLR, I forgot about all the photos that I took with my smartphone or with the point and shoot camera. This is sad, and I got the idea to upload some of these older pictures from time to time (the flower photo in this post is a good start). While a DSLR gives us of course higher resolution and other good specs, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the photos are much better, you can also take great photos with lower end gear, because it’s not only about camera specs, it’s about the moments, … Continue reading Your Previous Work Is Still Interesting

Vivid Flowers

The recent Weekly Photo Challenge theme is “Vivid”. We have a small flowerbed near the pond in our garden, the flowers are very tiny and I think they really look vivid. The flower bed is not very big but depending on the angle you take photos, it looks like an ocean of flowers, that’s at least what I tried to achieve. I shot two photos and couldn’t decide which one is better, I decided to upload them both to this post. However, I wish I would have had another lens for the shots. Continue reading Vivid Flowers