Pink Flower Bundle

The flowers on the photo did stand out of a garden fence and I liked them, so that I took a photo. I am not that happy with the result but it´s not too bad I guess. The pink colors appear quite strong on the photo. Ok I added contrast or adjusted the levels in Photoshop but the image was too bright first. It looks now better than before but as said, I messed up the colors I guess. Continue reading Pink Flower Bundle

Beautiful Berry

Springtime is good as we know can shoot some new and more colourful photos. Nature blooms and there are new subjects to discover with our cameras. I found this berry on my way while enjoying the first sunbeams outside. I really like the colours of the berry. But I am not sure what kind of berry it is. There was a big berry bush but I wanted to have a close-up shot of one of the berries. Continue reading Beautiful Berry

Still a lot of flower photos on my hard disk…

Already mentioned in the title of this article here. I still have too many flower photos on my hard disk. I took a lot of photos in the summer. Overall I have photos of everything and not only flowers. I should really work that off over time. There are some nice images and I guess I was too lazy to upload them all. But overtime I will do. That´s why I start with the image above. I like that flower image. You can find more flower photos here. Continue reading Still a lot of flower photos on my hard disk…

The Pink Ladybug

This ladybug did sit on the finger of a friend last summer. And I had to shoot a photo. I recovered the photo in one of my folders today and decided to edit the photo. I didn´t like the original image and added some focal blur and decreased the color saturation in the area while I kept and enhanced the color of the ladybug so that the insect stays in focus. I decided to colorize the ladybug from red to pink so that the image looks somewhat unnatural and funny. The result of the last change is not that good … Continue reading The Pink Ladybug