The Game Europa Universalis III: Chronicles for Free

Paradox Interactive celebrates the reached number of 500.000 forum member. It´s a half-million of forum fans and looks like some got a little present now, but I would say it is not such a little but rather a big present. Do you know any game company who did send out popular free games? I can´t remember any but Paradox Interactive is gifting some of their members a free serial code of the complete package Europa Universalis III: Chronicles, which can be activated and downloaded on steam. Apart from the fact that Paradox Interactive creates the greatest games, they now get … Continue reading The Game Europa Universalis III: Chronicles for Free

A pink Flower for Birthday

This is a pink Flower on my Mothers Balcony. My Uncle came with this Present for my Mother on her Birthday. I told her that I start to upload some of my Photos to the Blog and she said that she can supply me with some beatiful Photos she made as well. This Photo here is a good start. I like the Flower with the Raindrops on the Leaves Lately my Mother is somewhat amazed by taking Photos too. It is to sad that we dont own a high quality Camera but sometimes there are also good Results with these … Continue reading A pink Flower for Birthday