The Calmness In A Small Town

This is another post of the category advantages of a small town, and about myself. When I am in a bigger city, for example in my home town, I would never ever eat my breakfast in a bakery or coffee shop, I usually prefer to have my breakfast at home, and if that is not possible, I would rather eat my breakfast on my way. I don’t suffer from claustrophobia, but to be honest, the term is still perfect to explain the feelings I get if I am in a totally crowded room. That is however much different in the … Continue reading The Calmness In A Small Town

Stage Fright While Samsung 105-inch UHD TV Presentation

Film director Michael Bay (his films: Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, Transformers) seemed to have stage fright on Samsung’s CES 2014 press event while the presentation of Samsung´s new 105-inch UHD TV. Bay came on stage and did look instantly very uncomfortable in his situation. There was an accident with the teleprompter and it looks like Bay then tried to improvise and that didn´t work out well for him either. He apologized and left the stage immediately. Looks like he couldn´t manage the situation. He completely froze before he left the stage. I think these things can happen if you heavily rely … Continue reading Stage Fright While Samsung 105-inch UHD TV Presentation