The Canoe Ready For A Tour

This is the borrowed canoe after we did put the boat into the water yesterday to start our canoe tour on the rivers in Salem and that was a lot of fun. The husband of my mother and me did use the canoe but my mother didn´t like to come with as she thought this boat would be quite unsteady but this is not true. I think a canoe is unsteady until you sit in and when the weight of all persons is in the middle. That´s all. But my mother was still afraid, so that only her husband and … Continue reading The Canoe Ready For A Tour

Daily Prompt: The Transporter

The Daily Prompt says “Tell us about a sensation — a taste, a smell, a piece of music — that transports you back to childhood.” And I must say, the first thing which came into my mind was a sniff of sea air. I mean the sniff of a particular air of the river in Salem. My grandma and grandpa had and still have a their caravan on the campsite there. I did spend a lot of time there in my childhood and teenage. In holidays we did stay there for many weeks and apart from that usually all weekends … Continue reading Daily Prompt: The Transporter

Footpaths and Parks on the Riverside of the Trave in Lübeck

I found this Photo of the Trave River in my folders. The Trave River in Lübeck has some great Parks and Footpaths everywhere near the Riverside. It´s great for walking and visiting the nature. In will find a lot of people walking and jogging there springtime, summer and autumn. But there are also some people who do that in winter. This photo of the Trave River is made in 2012. Continue reading Footpaths and Parks on the Riverside of the Trave in Lübeck