Rusty Texture

Above is a photo that I also shot with a cheapo point-and-shoot camera. The camera I used at that time was a Medion Life P43040, which you can see here. The camera had a macro mode, although I personally think it didn’t have a lot to do with macro photography except that you could take close-up photos. With that mode I really got fascinated with close-up photos of flowers but also textures. I really loved textures, especially rusty stuff like in the image above. What I like about rusty metal that makes paint burst, is that it looks pretty abstract … Continue reading Rusty Texture

Black And White Metal Texture

Sometimes I do also take photos of textures. I do especially like metal surfaces that are rusty, or rust in general. I like these textures in color, but recently I started to experiment more with black and white effects, usually when the colours in the photos look dull or if there are other issues. That was the case with the photo above, the colours were not really prominent or special, but the surface texture got more defined when I applied a black and white and a bit more clarity. I think I didn’t often upload texture photos, maybe I should … Continue reading Black And White Metal Texture