Fiveer Accepts Bitcoin From Now On

It´s now possible to buy Gigs on Fiverr with Bitcoin. Fiverr is a website where people from all around the world do offer small services for five dollars. These listings are called Gigs over there. Fiverr can now accept Bitcoin as they have partnered up with the popular Bitcoin wallet service called Coinbase. Fiverr has recently sent out an email to those who are registered on their website and they think that Bitcoin represents the latest innovation in commerce and that they are excited to enable their community to take advantage of this innovation. Continue reading Fiveer Accepts Bitcoin From Now On

Bitcoin, the Decentralized peer-to-peer Digital Currency

Video source: What is a Bitcoin? Interested in new technology, I came across the Bitcoin topic some time ago. Bitcoins are a decentralized peer-to-peer (transferred from person to person) digital currency which means there is no central authority like banks or governments behind the currency and the transaction process is done by a network of private computers. The users of these computers, the “miners” get recompensed with transaction fees and newly created Bitcoins. But the systems of all the worldwide Bitcoin miners have to solve a complex math problem first and the algorithm leads over time to the case … Continue reading Bitcoin, the Decentralized peer-to-peer Digital Currency