Wounded Guitar

I did talk about the guitar plaster already but the image above shows some of the wounds of my guitar. I do really like how much details my “abandoned” and cheap Medion camera can show. For this price it is really not a bad camera. The camera has something like a macro mode. You still can´t compare it with professional cameras or macro lenses but as said, for a cheap digital camera it is not too bad. Sometimes you can shoot great close up images with the camera. Continue reading Wounded Guitar

Daily Prompt: We Got the Beat

The Daily Prompt asks “Have you ever played in a band?” and I can answer this with a yes. As a guitarist since many years, I was a member of bands when I was younger and it has been an interesting but also a shady and shabby experience. It was not only about music but also about alcohol and drug experiments. I think we were some people that I wouldn´t suggest to imitate. It was still fun, but an experience I learned from. Our music was not too bad, but we didn´t focus enough on the music but more on … Continue reading Daily Prompt: We Got the Beat