Little League Photo Shooting

When all your friends and family members know that you are into photography, it sometimes happens that they ask you if you can shoot photos for them. That’s basically how I often got a chance to gain experience in portrait photography as well. As with everything, you have to learn it, by just doing it. When I go through my library, I see how my portraits got better and better, although there is probably still room to improve. I don’t own an external flash yet, but I think that could improve my portraits too in the future. To get back … Continue reading Little League Photo Shooting

Old HSV Jersey with Player Signatures

Last days I did take a look in old cartons which I found in one of my cabinets but also some cartons in my basement. Then I walked down the memory lane as I found some old things of my youth. In the photo above you can see one of my discoveries. It´s a HSV (Hamburger SV) jersey with original signatures of some players from that time. My grandpa had business connections to a person who knew a worker of the soccer club in Hamburg. That was the way he got that jersey. I played in a youth soccer club … Continue reading Old HSV Jersey with Player Signatures