Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle

The WordPress photo challenge from last friday came with the motto Circle, and I thought the flag of the European Union would fit to the challenge theme. The reason is obvious, the symbol of the flag is a circle of stars. The photo maybe fits a little bit too perfectly to the theme, and my entry appears less creative in my opinion, but I think I could use the image for other topics in the future and it’s great to have photos of flags uploaded to my blog. I like the idea of an association of states that warrants or … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle

Discovery of Alien Life… What would happen?

Sometimes there are interesting coincidences. I read an article today in the morning on a bigger german technology related online magazine called Heise. They usually write about that computer and mobile phone kind of technology stuff but the article I read in the morning has been about extraterrestrial life (Another word for alien life) this time. I thought the Heise article was pretty interesting because I like that kind of topic. The article in fact did inspire me so much that I wanted to write about it too but laid the idea back for later because I felt too lazy … Continue reading Discovery of Alien Life… What would happen?