Late Justice Drama

If you are blogging for so many years, you will experience some funny things. Most often you make blogging friends, and the community at WordPress is one of the best communities I have experienced. There are more shitty places in the web, but even if you found a good community, there is a chance that you will meet a troll some day. But before that happens, you’re starting to think about the Fermi Paradox, because “Statistically there should be other civilizations in the universe, but where are they?” is a very similar question like “Statistically there should be trolls in … Continue reading Late Justice Drama

My Top 5 Online Places with the Shittiest Community

Attention: I am aware that this blog post as a rant has dispute potential. Please notice the following opinion is subjective. I do not talk about every people who use the following platforms. I just talk about my own experience and that I found “many” people there with bad behavior and this is why I thought to create my own Top 5 of the worst communities of the internet. 1. Reddit They call themself democratic while they choke on their own rules. Their own online police (the users) will always find something to bitch around with. Probably a place full … Continue reading My Top 5 Online Places with the Shittiest Community