An Old Friend

I shot the photo at the top today but some of you might already know this cat. Yes, I’ve seen that cat already once. Maybe I am wrong but it looks like the same cat. Today I walked through the garden area again and if this is the same cat, I found it about one kilometer away from the previous place. Talking about my hike today, it was pretty difficult because it was extremely hot today. I’ve walked just fifty percent of my usual distance but was completely exhausted due to the heat. I had water with me but it … Continue reading An Old Friend

Turkish Angora Cat

Here is a photo that I shot last September. I didn’t trust my eyes when I saw this beautiful white cat lying in the grass on an overgrown garden plot. I shot several photos and I will upload some of the other perspectives in the future because I couldn’t decide now. I also might embed them in a gallery in the future but for now, I just wanted to show you this photo. I researched because I wondered what kind of cat race it is. I think it must be a Turkish Angora cat. Maybe it is a lost cat … Continue reading Turkish Angora Cat