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Cinema 4d Tutorial: Create and animate interesting, organic and abstract shapes like Tentacles with MoSpline

Today I want to post one Video out of the Section of Maxon Cinema 4d on YouTube. I started collecting some of my favorite Tutorials here on the Blog as I maybe need them some time again. Also I want to show them off as it could be interesting for other C4D User.

I found this Tutorial some time ago when I did search for Informations about MoSpline as I wanted to understand how MoSpline is working and what I can do with it.

This short Video Tutorial is a pretty great Example of what you can do with MoSpline in Cinema 4d and it really should give you some Inspiration to create freaking stuff for your Animations.

In my case I noticed soon that you can create the skeleton of these asian fan´s with this technique as well. It is pretty much the same workflow.

Ok here is the Video and enjoy:

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