Crysis 3 – CryEngine 3 Tech Trailer released and my Thoughts about Cross-platform Games

I pretty much dislike those new Cross-platform First-Person Shooter Games as I think they are designed to serve all the differend Players on each Platform to generate higher Revenue for the Publisher.

What I´ve seen so far is that at least in my Circle of Friendsm People stopped to play First-Person Shooter since they are designed Cross-platform. Most of them and me thought that these Playstation and Xbox Games are somewhat more soft-boiled then PC Games. I also noticed that many People start to hate the Cross-platform Engines as it often feels spongily in the Gameplay. This is called “Character Responsiveness” and means how “smooth” the Game plays from your Avatars Perspective. It is not an FPS Issue. It´s simply that many new Games favorable Cross-platform Games feel like they are designed only for Game Consoles. These Games often feel like if they would be designed for People who use a Control Pad only. On the Keyword and Mouse it feels spongily. But this is not only a Phenomenon of latest Cross-platform First-Person Shooter Games. It´s was lately seen in many bad MMO Engines as well, for example SWTOR which is a Game for PC only. SWTOR had real “Character Responsiveness” Problems.

I just mention all that because I was somewhat disappointed of many Engines in the past and I talked about it with my Friends many Times and a lot of them did agree.
However. I should also mention that there is a lot of Progress in the elegancy of the latest Graphics of all these Games. Everything I write are subjective Thoughts. So I am often disappointed how the new Games play while I think the Graphics get more and more Cinematic and cool.

So even if I have my own Standpoint and would rarely buy a Cross-platform Game, I dont stop to inform myself about these new Games. Today I found this new and quite cool Crysis 3 CryEngine 3 Tech Trailer which I enjoyed:

I like the Tech Trailer, however Graphics would not convince me to buy a Game anymore. Lately I noticed myself looking on other Features as well. But I must also admit that I anyway played more World of Warcraft in the Past and if not WoW, then probably rather Strategy Games then any First-Person Shooter. I think the last FPS Games I played were Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142. Battlefield 3 Beta was disappointing in my Opion and showed me that I am out of this Genre. These Games simply changed a lot which is ok if you enjoy it. I know a lot of People who still enjoy them. But I dont anymore. Maybe I get older and eager and hate to much Changes. But if so, then it´s how it is. Some Friends feel the same. I am just amazed about the cool and fresh new cinematic Graphics of the new Games and Engines. But this alone cant bring me back.. if anything can then it is the good old Gameplay and smooth Character Responsiveness from the past. I really would prefer Games which would be specially designed only for the PC Platform and Hardware.. specially designed for that Audience while the Games Consoles should get their own Titles. I still think that both Target Groups are pretty much differend and theirfor demand differend Stuff from a Developer.

Anyway I enjoyed the CryEngine 3 Tech Trailer when we talk about the Graphics.

Just my Thoughts.

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