How to take Screenshots in Europa Universalis 3

Today I asked myself how I can take Screenshots in EU3. I found following out:

– Press F11 to take a normal Screenshot of the Game with Map, Interface, Menus and everything you have seen on the Screen when you did press F11.
– Press F12 for a complete Screenshot of the whole World Map.
– Press Schift + F12 for a World Screenshot of your Country and your Vassals

Maybe this Information and Tutorial helps you if you asked too, how to take Screenshots in Europa Universalis 3.

I thought about writing an AAR (After Action Report) on my Blog if I start a new EU3 Campaign. I am not really sure if I will do so but I at least thought about it. Maybe it´s fun. I did read some After Action Reports of other EU3 Players and enjoyed it. I really would like to write an AAR as well but I think it´s a lot of work.

But let´s see. I now know how to take Screenshots if I want to write an AAR.


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