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How to take Screenshots in World of Warcraft with or without User Interface

I wanted to make Screenshots in World of Warcraft today and in the same moment I thought I could tell people here how that can be done.

1. I think most of you know how normal screenshots with interface can be taken but for those who don’t know it: Simply press the “Print” key and a screenshot will be saved. Alternative you can of course use one of your favorite screen capture tools, but now let’s take a look how we can disable the WoW UI…

2. It is also possible to hide the user interface (UI) to get a clean screenshot: First press the “Alt” and “Z” keys at the same time to hide the user interface. Then press the “Print” key to take your screenshot or use your favorite screen capture program. To get the user interface back just press the “Alt” and “Z” Key simultaneously again.

If you used the “Print” key, and to locate your taken screenshots, you just have to find the folder where your World of Warcraft is installed. Open the Folder and look for a Folder called “Screenshots” and there you will find all your taken screenshots.

That is all. I hope this small guide helped you, now go and take some cool screenshots!


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