Is WordPress its quietest on Sundays?

I want to bring up a great Question which Renard Moreau asked some Time ago: “Is WordPress its quietest on Sundays?“. I think it is. I notice this Phenomenon every Sunday again. There are lesser likes on my Photos, no Comments, less Page Views and just a few Blogs of People in my List which are updated. But not really much Blogs… therefore not really much new Storys to read on WordPress on a Sunday. Do you noticed the same?

So what is happening on each Sunday? Do People take Blogging Pause? Is Sunday the lazy Day, a sleepy Day? I wonder too why People dont use their free Sundays for blogging. I mean there is indeed a huge difference on WordPress between a Sunday and every other Day of the Week or Weekend. In my Opinion Sunday is really a quite Day on WordPress. What do you think?

16 thoughts on “Is WordPress its quietest on Sundays?

  1. I think the whole weekend is slower. From Friday night through Sunday I see far less hits, likes, etc. I think people read blogs at work and on weekends they’re too busy having fun.

    1. Yea that is one good point. I am most of the time away on weekends too, to meet family or friends and having fun. You remembered me that I am not much differend 😀

  2. During the week bogging is part of the routine on the weekend there is no routine. If the weather is good I will be outside as much as I can. Family and friends top the list on weekends. I have more time to plan bigger meals and take longer walks; my weekend time is always up for grabs.

    1. True. The weekend gives us much more time to go out and enjoy the nature or to meet people we love. That has indeed always priority if they have time too. I think I just did spend attention to the topic of less activity on wordpress at sundays as this sunday is somewhat boring for me. Family and friends are lazy this sunday 🙂 Good that there are still other hobbys then to enjoy the weekend.

  3. Maybe it’s the timezone I live in, but for me Saturday is the slowest day of the week. At first I thought it was because Friday gets the big boost from the Weekly Photo posts. Then I looked at the pages viewed, and saw a pattern, Sunday and Monday the posts from Saturday usually had Saturdays post as one of the top page views. So I am operating on everyone is out getting shopping done, or some other important event.

    1. That is one nice theory too but you are right… the differend timezones make it difficult to talk about 🙂 For some it might be sunday and for others saturday. But there is really a pattern in the dashboard stats view 🙂

  4. Looking at the stats, I’ve been looking for a rhythm and find nothing reliable. Is there a single best-day of the week? Or is it stretched evenly across the workweek?
    Maybe a lot of people on a Monday-Friday routine take a break at their workplace and catch up on their favorite blogs then. Or is it something they do in the evening as they’re winding down at home? My wife, on the other hand, hits her standards before the sun rises.
    Or does it really depend on the weather where each reader lives? You know, when it’s wet and dark, sit down by the computer …

    1. Talking about my Stats I really would say that most traffic is shown in the week. This pattern is clearly visible in my screen. Decrease starts on the weekend but gets the low point on sundays. The theory with the workweek and workplace sounds great. Gary commented already that he rather spends time with his family and friends on weekends while he has mentioned that blogging in the week is his routine. Might be that many people do so. I think here are already some great ideas about that topic..

      But I think it is still complex. I noticed right now that I did not blog much the last week which is distorting the stats anyway for a clean interpretation. However, it is one phenomenon I noticed all the last months and even without analysing the stats panel. It is something like a feeling I had. I was somewhat suprised when Renard did write about Sundays on WordPress some time ago, 😀 She descriped exactly what I felt.

    1. That is pretty true! And later you can also gather ideas for new blogposts while managing household tasks. I sometimes switch between both tasks.. household and blogging 😀

  5. I know some people who unplug everything in the weekend. They spend time with the family, friends doing things they can’t during the working days.

    1. I think that is really cool. We should not spend all the Time with all the Technologys each day. We never should forget that there are other cool things in Life like the Family and Friends. I do visit my Family and Friends too often as I can. For me it is just not every weekend.. I have no special Days. They all live near my Home and I can visit them everyday. While I agree that there is more TIme on Weekends as the workin week doesn´t give us to much time. Weeks are also more stressed for many people then weekends. I agree.

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