1000 Likes on my Blog

Wow! I noticed the “1000 Likes” Achievement in the WordPress Topbar when I logged in! I never thought that I would get any or more then 100 likes. But now I got even 1000 likes of you all. Thank you so much. I started using WordPress Blog to write down my thoughts time by time. I later found all the other great Blogs and most of them added Photos to their Content so that I wanted to give it a try too.

I bought a cheap Camera and made my first Photos. I think my Mother was a reason too because she made some cool Photos. Because of my Mother and because I noticed all your great Photos here on WordPress, I became interested in Photography as well. I noticed already on Photobucket that I added a lot of Photos which I always embedded here on the Blog, sometimes with a small and spontaneous Storys.

I am really happy that some of you stop by add times and I am even more happy if I see that you are pleased with one or the other Blogpost as I did not expect that. I think WordPress is a cool Community. I found so much interesting Blogs to read here. Some with cool Storys.. others with great Photos. A lot of friendly and in my Opinion inspiring People.

I first thought I would just write a few things here in my Blog. But I feel already more and more engaged with the Community. It is a hell of fun. Thank you all for the great Time. For all the Experiences we share on WordPress each day…

Best greetings to all you inspiring, motivating and interesting People out there. 🙂


2 thoughts on “1000 Likes on my Blog

  1. Awww congrats! And I’m happy to hear that you’ve been connecting with the great blogging community and being inspired to try out new things! Keep it up 🙂

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