I Try to Model the Fish in 3d Part 2

As mentioned in my previous blogpost, I do try to model a fish in 3d with a software called Cinema 4d. Today I worked over four hours on the fins near the head. Four hours? Right.

As mentioned in the other blogpost, I am good in creating 2d or 3d logos but box modeling is something new to me. Or at least something I need to improve or learn more techniques. Four hours because I messed around a lot with the fish while I did try to get the fins near the head right! But later I gave up and thought, what I have so far is not bad at all. Here is the high-poly object…


I also added the eyes now. Here is the low poly version of the fish…


I am not sure yet how texturing will work and if my photo of the fish will be a help to make it realistic. In fact I have no idea how to texture the whole thing. I mean I know how to apply textures but if I want it realistic, I guess I need to study “uvw unwrap” techniques then. I asked in a german graphic design forum if anyone can give me ideas how to start. I guess texturing will be the hardest thing. The boring textures above are just for testing.

I am tired now. Maybe I learn more next days. I hope, because this is a lot of fun.

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3 thoughts on “I Try to Model the Fish in 3d Part 2

    1. I really prefer architecture planing and creating too or other 3d stuff. All the shapes of the fish here are just horible to create. It took me a week now too since I am new to box modeling stuff like this here. But it is fun to try and learn a bit more. I thought trying it could teach me more techniques. But I am afraid, texturing the fish here will be very hard stuff. I am not sure if I will understand it right. I did read a lot yesterday and had headache from reading 😀

      Thanks for stoping by and commenting 🙂

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