Greg Street “Ghostcrawler” leaves Blizzard Entertainment

Lead Systems Designer Greg Street known as “Ghostcrawler” in the World of Warcraft forums, leaves Blizzard Entertainment. He posted his goodbye on the official World of Warcraft forums.

He wrote “An opportunity has come my way, and I have made the very tough decision to move on from Blizzard.” and thanks the World of Warcraft community with his following words “I wanted to thank all of you for being a part of this grand quest. I have said a hundred times that having passionate gamers, including the angry ones, is a far better place to be than having a community that doesn’t care. You all care. Like us, you want the game to be the best that it can be. So I ask you to keep on providing your feedback. I promise (and I rarely promise!) that the developers care very much about what you have to say.”.

At the end he tells “I’ll be out there, and I can’t imagine it will be that hard to find me.”, so let´s see where he will land.

One thing is sure. Ghostcrawler´s ideas for the game were pretty controversial and it is not hard to find out that many players disliked his game philosophy. The attempt to steer in a good direction with a lot of communication did often fail. Anyway we should be fair to say that he was not the only Blizzard employee. The game went a way that many players dislike but there is a whole team behind all the decisions. Therefore he gets my “Bye, bye” and “Good luck!” anyway even if I only criticized him in the past, when friends and me talked about him and World of Warcraft news. So, goodby and good luck Greg.


2 thoughts on “Greg Street “Ghostcrawler” leaves Blizzard Entertainment

  1. I’ll miss GC, he was probably one of my favourite Blizzard employees.. even if he did cop a lot of hate from the community. It truly is sad to see him go, but wish him all the best for his next endeavour 🙂

    1. My opinion about him was always double-edged. I really liked his attempts to communicate with the community. It is great to have ongoing communication between community and the developers. He did a great job at this point.

      On the other side I really disliked some of his design decisions and opinions, while I really knew that there are always more people behind the decisions as it is a team of people who decide which way the game will be developed.

      I am WoW player from the early hours of the game and for me it was hard to see how the game changed over the time. But this is just my subjective opinion and even then I would still not hold Ghostcrawler alone responsible for the latest changes. That means I never hated him and I also never understood how others could hate him.

      At the end it is still just a game and there are humans behind the game. While critique should be allowed, I do think hate is always inappropriate. 🙂

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