Acknowledgement Of The Faults? Microsoft Will Bypass The Metro UI By Default With The Next Update!

It´s no secret that many people hate the Metro Interface of Windows 8. many people including me, complained already before the release of Windows 8, that this is not what would be considered as an interface with “Usability”. When the Windows 8.1 update came out, Microsoft did add the possibility for user´s to change the OS so that it would be possible to boot it without the Metro Interface.

According to The Verge, Microsoft will set this to default with the next update. That means the OS will start by default with the normal desktop and not with the Metro Interface. reason for the change is to improve the OS for keyboard and mouse users, as The Verge wrote.

This could also be seen as concession by Microsoft. Many did not even only complain about the bad usability of the Metro UI, many people rather did decline to buy and install Windows 8. Including me, who runs still Windows 7.

But at this point I ask myself if it still makes sense to buy Windows 8 now? I think I will anyway rather wait for “Windows 9”.

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