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DirectX 12 Will Hit The Windows Systems Probably In 2015

Microsoft and the partners Nvidia, AMD, Intel and Qualcomm revealed DirectX 12 at the 2014 Game Developers Conference, according to Polygon. The new DirectX version will come with improvements and will be available for all Microsoft platforms like the Microsoft Windows operating systems for usual PC´s but also for Xbox One and Windows Mobile operating systems.

The graphics efficiency for modern games will be enhanced as tasks will be better spread across multi-core CPU´s, which will according to them reduce the performance decreases in bottleneck situations. Microsoft states that DirectX 12 will come with better support for multiple GPU´s.

Nvidia says that graphics card that run with DirectX 11, will also be able to run DirectX 12, including the Fermi, Kepler and Maxwell architecture.

It´s not known yet when Microsoft will release the new API but they estimated to let it go public anytime around holiday 2015. But as said, this is not a specific promise yet. Developers will indeed get access to API and SDK earlier, probably even in 2014.

Only question that is left,.. on which specific Windows versions will DirectX 12 support? At least Windows 8 but most likely also Windows 7 due to the fact that so many people still use Windows 7.

But anyway it´s still some time until DirectX comes out.

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