Veggie Pizza Snapshot On My Way

Veggie Pizza

I bought this tasty veggie pizza piece on my way through the inner-city of Lübeck because I was so hungry. There is one of those small pizza shops in the city and I know this shop since over a decade and the flavor of the pizza´s there didn´t change over all the years. I am not a vegan and I usually don´t eat veggie pizza but when I am near the mentioned shop, then I order one because this is a good one! The photo above is a little bit blurry but it´s just a snapshot.

7 thoughts on “Veggie Pizza Snapshot On My Way

  1. [ Laughs ] The pizza in our country is of a round shape, while it is square-shaped in yours!

    Absolutely amazing, Dennis!

    1. This made me laugh now too 🙂 The small pizza pieces are usually square here but the big ones often too. But there are big pizza´s that are round shaped. I just never seen smaller ones here that are round. 😀 Funny.

      1. [ Smiles ] In case where the pieces are taken from a round-shaped pizza, they are triangular in shape.

      2. Haha, yea but that´s how I only know bigger pizza´s and not the small pizza snacks in the city 😀 It´s funny that there is a difference 🙂

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