Yet Again, Microsoft Shows Xbox One Games On A Windows PC System

I am not really a console gamer but I pretty much feel with any console gamer when I see something like this, because it is basically false advertising and a shame. It happened several times in the past that Sony and Microsoft have been using PC systems to show off console titles at game events. Yet it happened again…

Microsoft has been caught again while doing it. This time on the recent Gamescom 2014. The blog CentrumHer posted photos today from one of the Xbox One areas at the current Gamescom and you can clearly see the Xbox One cases under the screens and that everything else on the booths is labeled with the Xbox logos too while you evidently see one of the screens connected to a PC system that runs Windows…

The system with the Windows screen was running Ori and the Blind Forest but the games crashed back to the desktop of Windows. This revealed that the games were clearly not running on the Xbox One and if this is not false advertising, what is it then? They did even put Xbox One systems under the screens and the fact that everything is apparently labeled with the Xbox name, that makes it even more shameless. It´s obviously intentional false advertising and yet again it was just revealed by accident.

What do you think about this?


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