I Should Cook More Often

Above you can see a dish that I cooked yesterday. I made meatballs stuffed with ewe’s cheese. I did eat it with noodles and gravy. I used ground beef and ground pork, I added one egg, ketchup, mustard, freshly sliced onions and fresh parsley. I added some salt and pepper and breadcrumbs. Then I did knead everything together and started to form meatballs. I am not sure if this is different elsewhere, but that’s how most people do it in Germany. The only thing that was not so German about my meatballs is that I stuffed ewe’s cheese into them … Continue reading I Should Cook More Often

Fighting Depression And Anxiety Relapse

I don’t write often about it, not because I wouldn’t like to, rather because the whole issue was not a too big problem anymore, at least when I compare it with the past. The problem was that I suffered from depression and social anxiety years ago. I really got out of this mess, but sometimes things can bounce back for a while. I want to write about this today. I want to fight over the last bastion, that means, I don’t want to feel healthy most of the time, I want to feel healthy all the time. When there are … Continue reading Fighting Depression And Anxiety Relapse

Is Steam Legit? Yes, And Here Is Why…

Up to this day I do often still find some people asking in different gaming related forums if Steam is legit. Some trolls would then usually answer if this question is legit and that’s just sad because there could be several reasons why you asking this question, maybe you are new to PC gaming or whatever. So, let’s dig into this subject. The short answer is, yes, Steam is a very legit and a quite popular service in the PC gaming world. So, why is Steam legit? First of all we should clarify what Steam is. Steam is a digital … Continue reading Is Steam Legit? Yes, And Here Is Why…

New Plant For The Living Room – Phoenix roebelenii

I found this nice palm that is called Phoenix roebelenii in one of the local stores. I only had one plant at home, you can’t see that one fully as it is the plant in the orange pot, but I really liked the Phoenix roebelenii that I found in the store and searched in the internet if this plant could be toxic and dangerous for pets. I found out that this plant is not listed as a dangerous plant for pets and went back to the store to buy the palm. I researched that this plant is also sometimes called … Continue reading New Plant For The Living Room – Phoenix roebelenii

Banks As We Know Them Today Are Outdated

Sometimes there are things I can’t and won’t understand. As the title of this post states, I will tell you why I think that the banks we know today are pretty much outdated and should be replaced by something better at some point. Why do I think so? Well, there are several reasons. One of the reasons is about time. How can it be for example that it takes up to two weeks for a cash remittance to show up correctly on the bank account statement, and in most cases also to transfer the money? I live in Germany in … Continue reading Banks As We Know Them Today Are Outdated

Photoshopped Doggy And A Story With A Happy End

I thought it is time again for some Photoshop work. Above you can see the result of the work. I had this very bad base image of a quite funny looking dog. If I mean bad, then I really mean bad. There was almost everything wrong with the base image but since the dog looked so funny I gave my self the task to get the best out of the image as I can. I didn’t really think that I can get great results as the original image is just horrible, but I am anyhow quite happy what I have … Continue reading Photoshopped Doggy And A Story With A Happy End