Neighbors Cat

Cat In The Neighborhood

It’s that time again and people let their cats out as it is now a little bit warmer. We have some other very beautiful cats in the neighborhood. My cat Shyna is a house cat, but she has the perfect view near the window to watch all the other cats. On the photo above you can see one of the neighbor cats sitting in a hollow of a parking garage.

I opened my windows and shot the photo, it’s not too bad with the 105mm kit lens, but in this case and also in the case of shooting birds I noticed that a tele lens would be pretty cool. Sometimes you notice that you need a little bit more range to get closer. In some cases I still can crop the subject with Photoshop to get closer as the image resolution is huge enough to do so, but in this case the cat was way too blurry after cropping the image.

Anyway, the kit lens of the D7100 is not too bad, I can check out on this way what kind of lens I want to get later on. I noticed the kit lens is not really usable for macro photography, you can not focus, not even manually, if you are too close to flowers and insects. As I love taking photos of flowers and insects, a macro lens is on top of my wish list, but a tele lens would be great too.

Oh, there are other things on my wish list, I definitely need a tripod and some other stuff. I noticed already, this will probably be another expansive hobby. Anyway, it’s fun, and I won’t have a problem to save money for this and that, because it is really interesting. But for now the kit lens should be enough for practicing because there is still a lot to learn.

Talking about the photo again, I think I should take some more photos of other cats. My blog is full of photos of my own cat, it would be cool to have some other cat photos too. I will upload more photos of my cat, but it would be cool if I find other cats outside if I go shooting with the camera.

2 thoughts on “Neighbors Cat

  1. I think you will always think of more things you need for your hobby but it’s better than spending your money on rubbish you don’t need isn’t it. Yes, let’s have more cats. 🙂

    1. Yes, I know people who buy stuff and they sell it a month later again. Some do it regularly. It’s as if they don’t know where to go or as if they buy things out of boredom.

      I am very different at this point. For me there are two important points before I buy stuff… can I afford it without using money that I need to live (piggybank)? And, is it something that I really need and will use it heavily?

      Even if I have the money saved, it usually takes me month to make a decision if I really want to spend it on something as I really want to be sure about that 🙂

      But when I am sure, I have absolutely no problem to spend money 😀

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