Dear Cat Diary, Here Is Another Entry And Photo

As this blog is not only my own diary but also the diary of a cat, the diary of Shyna to be more clear, there shouldn’t be too much days without a new photo of her. The weather is too bad to get out with the camera, but I can use the time to upload some photos to Shyna’s cat diary.

Photo of Shyna

There is something new to tell. She is usually not a cat that brings toys if she wants to play, I rather had to guess what kind of toys she would like to play with, but recently she started to do this. I think it has to do with a new toy I bought her, she seems to like the toy so much that she brings it to me and drops it in front of me wherever I sit in that moment.

It’s a small plush toy with feathers, attached on a stick with a thread. She has several similar toys, not sure why she prefers this one so much more. I think it is the colour of the plush toy and the feathers, it’s a bright green colour. I didn’t take a photo of the cat toy yet, sorry.

Anyway, I know her pretty well, I guess it will land on the cat toy graveyard as well. I bet my cat is not the only one that does like new cat toys only for a few weeks. What about your cat? For how long are new cat toys interesting?

13 thoughts on “Dear Cat Diary, Here Is Another Entry And Photo

  1. To be honest, Shyna…I don’t play with toys at all…I only play outside with feathers and butterflies and other creatures, inside I do the sleeping 😀 Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend 🙂 ❤

  2. Polly used to be obsessed with toys that moved. As a kitten she had a ring with a ball inside which she would try to catch. Eventually she “killed” it so I got her another but now she is older she is not so interested in it. She will play with a toy for a short time if I offer it but not as often as when she was a kitten. She still likes to play with Cindy though.

    1. Yes, I think they are much more active as kittens but get lazy years later. Shyna is the same as Polly, she plays but she doesn’t play for hours anymore. When she was a kitten, she asked every minute to play and had endurance to play for hours 😀

  3. Luna’s always preferring toys where the human has to do work. Something on a string on a stick. Drag it across the ground, then Luna seizes it when it nears my feet and chomps on it while between my legs. It’s very cute, but a lot of work. We have hope though. For Luna’s birthday, she got a “hexbug” mouse toy that starts and stops 5 times, then doesn’t turn on again until it’s tapped. Fairly automated. However, my wife gets annoyed when she accidentally nudges it and it starts going again, so …it’s been left off 🙂

    1. Shyna too, but she is pretty demanding, you always need to give her some new toys to play lol. Sometime ago I discovered the trick that it is better to hide the toys after playing, then cats might be more interested in it again. But that just works partly with Shyna 😀

      I am always on the search for new cat toys, you are pretty creative with all that, I already liked the shark bed you have shown me, didn’t order it yet but I will do this. I also will check out Google for “hexbug”, sounds pretty interesting (I say that lol, not sure about Shyna, haha).

      1. Haha, that toy is funny, we have a very similar toy in a popular German pet online store, I always wondered if I should buy. Thanks for showing.

        It’s also great to see that a fellow blogger has a YouTube channel. I followed you over there 🙂

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