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Broken Glass

Broken glass

Broken, that is the motto of the recent Weekly Photo Challenge. I’d say there couldn’t be a better motto, because it’s just a week ago when I noticed a broken window glass in the stairways of the apartment complex where my grandma and grandpa live.

I had my camera with me and shot a photo. Of course, we all dislike broken things, but broken glass can actually look pretty beautiful seen from the artistic perspective, but with that said I would now also call the landlord to fix it if I would live there.

Anyway, I somewhat like the geometry you see with broken glass. There is some beauty, don’t you think?


  1. I totally agree. Beauty can be seen in the most unexpected places – shattered ice, wood embers, a burned and blackened log, a rusting gate hinge, a knot in a piece of wood, algae in a pond, the detailing of tree bark, an elderly persons wrinkles, a smile (always beauty there) etc. etc. It is beauty to simply think that we are only limited by our powers of observation and imagination.

    • Yes, you named some really good examples. If you take a look closer, you will find some very interesting textures and details or things going on. At some point I really want to buy me a macro lens, because this will open a complete new cosmos to discover… but you are right, you can find interesting things anywhere if you take a look closer, at the end we need our eyes to find the hidden beauty 🙂 That does probably also explain why I like photography, I started to open my eyes to find things that are not so apparent at first, I really like that. 🙂

      • Yes they do really cool stuff. I really wish I could fidle with all kind of photography equipment, but you are right, it’s so costly. Just take the big tele lenses above 600mm, you can also get a car for the same money 😀

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