14 Miles Hike Again, Enjoying The Schellbruch

Schellbruch Lübeck

Today I decided on impulse to walk to the Schellbruch again, it’s quite a long hike with 14 miles, but it’s worthwhile as there are many interesting things on the route through Lübeck. I didn’t even upload all the images I shot the last time I was there, but it’s still a good idea to take new photos, because I like it if I have folders I can choose from.

The photo above is a new one I shot today, the weather report said it would be a cloudy day, but not rainy. It was a completely different colour setting today, but still beautiful. I liked the fresh air, you could smell all the water, and I saw quite a lot of birds again, that’s what the area is about, so much birds, it makes you wish to own a tele lens.

I am not happy with all pictures I shot today, but there quite a lot that I like. As always, I will upload single photos over time, it’s good if  can resort to many pictures, for example on rainy days when I don’t go out to take new photos. But I think I will already show you some new photos over the next days.

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