Landmark Left The Early Access Phase, Not Without A Huge Scandal

Landmark Screenshot

Let’s be honest, we are already used to scandals and rip offs when it comes to early access games, but Daybreak Game Company the publisher and developer of Landmark can even top it. Here is the news, Landmark is out of the early access phase, and if you have been backer of the game you might think it’s worth to take a look, but here is the point, you have to purchase the game. Yes, you read right, even if you paid already for the early access, you have to pay again if you want to play the game. Absolutely, if you think you got robbed, you definitely have been robbed if you paid for the early access.

Previously it was said that you can create content in Landmark for EverQuest Next, but the development of EverQuest Next was later canceled by Daybreak Game Company. There was also lack of updates for Landmark, but they worked hard to transform the whole game into a cash-shop. It was first said that the game would be free to play after development, but that didn’t came true either. But paying for it again, even asking the backers to pay again? That is the biggest disrespect with the customer, you could say you need a lot of criminal energy as a developer to pull off this robbery.

I am glad that I didn’t buy into this, even if I was a little bit hyped at first. That’s the problem with early access games, you might think a concept is promising, you vote with your wallet too early and might be disappointed with the end product. Don’t give developers money too early, you might regret it.

If you still want to take a look at the game, here is the Steam link: Landmark

2 thoughts on “Landmark Left The Early Access Phase, Not Without A Huge Scandal

  1. The statement that early backers have to pay again for access is inaccurate. I bought early access directly through the developer before the game was on Steam, and I can still launch the game through the Daybreak launcher just as I always have. It was made clear a long time ago that purchases prior to the Steam integration (like mine) would not be later integrated with Steam. I suppose if I really wanted to launch through Steam, I’d have to buy it again, but that’d be completely silly since my game already works.

    I’m not defending Landmark as a game. It’s in no way close to what we were promised throughout alpha and early beta, and the final result is riddled with problems. However, being “charged twice” is not one of them.

    1. This is a good point, but on Reddit a lot of people complained that they bought the early access on Steam, and afterward they didn’t get access to the full release on Steam… that is definitely charging twice in my opinion. I purchased a couple of early access games via Steam and I always got access to the full release later on without paying a second time again. It’s not done well in the case of Landmark.

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