One Way To Download YouTube Music

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Here Is A Quick Tip: How To Download YouTube Music

There are hundreds of methods available that make it possible to download music from YouTube, but in this short article I will show you only one method that works very well. I won’t answer the question if it’s legal or not to do this, that’s something for the lawyers under you, I just want to show you one method how it can be done, and everything else is up to you. So, let’s see how we can quickly download music from YouTube…

As YouTube is hosting videos, we will basically have to extract the audio from the video, this is also called converting. As hard as it sounds, it’s actually not that difficult because we gonna use a free web service that will do the job for us. There is this site called ClipConverter, it’s a really good site that is easy to use and it’ll help us to get music down from YouTube.

  1. Open YouTube, especially the music video you want to convert to an audio file. If you have the video opened, look at the address bar of your browser and copy the video URL so that you can later paste it in the next step.
  2. Head over to ClipConverter and paste the stored URL into the “Video URL to Download” field.
  3. Choose the conversion format, you most likely want to use mp3 as output.
  4. More conversion options should now pop up below, where you can uncheck the checkbox beside the “Auto Mode” field. Now you can even adjust the audio volume, but more important, you can now adjust the audio bitrate where 256 kbps should be enough to get a quality file.
  5. Do also take a look at the field called “Use ID3 v2 Tags”, if you check this box you will be able to store the artist name, the title and the album name in the data container of the audio file.
  6. Click on “Continue” and double-check if you are happy with all the settings. Click on the “Start” button if you are happy, that should start the conversion. With some loading bars you see the progress of the conversion, and when it’s finished you will only need to click the “Download” button. In case you want to convert and download another file, you just have to click on “Convert another video” and repeat all the steps again with another video URL.

That’s it, you do now have an idea how to download YouTube music. I hope you liked this small tip! Enjoy listening to your favorite music!

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