Short Acoustic Guitar Improvisation: Bang Bang – Nancy Sinatra (Pulp Fiction)


I noticed that it’s been a while since I uploaded a guitar video. I don’t record myself often when I play the guitar, but it’s mainly because I dislike video editing and the time-consuming video uploading. It’s also funny that I know my camera for photography already very well, but I know the camera video features less well, except that I know how to just press the record button (laugh). Yeah, let’s face it, I am not a good videographer, and my YouTube channel is evidence enough.

Also it’s been a while since I touched my acoustic guitar, because I usually prefer my electric guitar. Today I used the acoustic guitar again in the evening and started to improvise, that’s what I do most of the time because I hate to cover songs like a mathematician who knows the exact formular of everything. I always prefer to create my own songs, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t learn known songs of the past. I learned a lot of songs, it’s just that I usually practice the basics, and then I get tired and I improvise with what I have learned.

If you know the Nancy Sinatra song called Bang Bang (also one of the songs in the movie Pulp Fiction), that is one of the songs where I just wanted to know what kind of chords I have to play, and how I would need to pick the strings. However, the song was not too difficult to learn, and I could probably play it together with the original song on YouTube, but yet I am here again and prefer to improvise with the things I learned. It’s much more fun to give it your own touch. Back then, I didn’t want to learn the guitar to become a 100% accurate player, for me it was only about the sound of the guitar. I just wanted to play it, without rocket science.

Today in the evening I did just that, I wanted to have a bit of fun, but this time I tried to record a video. Check out my Nancy Sinatra improvisation below if you like. I had to play quietly because it was already evening and a time where you just don’t hit the strings like on a concert (laugh)…

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