Crazy Wah Wah Solo Improvisation

Today I was noodling on my guitar again, like I basically do every day (laugh). I love to improvise, and I often record a couple of chords first. It’s cool because you can then play the chords and record a guitar solo on top of it. I use Ableton Live as music tool and I have a drum plugin because playing without drum sounds would be kinda boring. I also use a guitar amp and effect simulator called AmpliTube, which means my PC basically acts as a guitar amp and does simulate effect pedals as well. So, I play and record a lot but I am often too lazy to set up my camera or to edit and upload videos. Anyway, I think I should do this more often. I like to improvise into the direction of blues, rock, psychedelic. Maybe some of my tracks sound a bit the 60`s or 70`s, that’s at least how I would describe it. I love to improvise and play super long solos, like Jimi Hendrix did. Today I came up with a Wah-wah pedal solo and maybe you like to take a look…

I am not a super good video editor, that means I used Adobe Premiere and wasn’t much creative but thought some kind of vintage video effect would be fitting to the track I recorded. I find the video editing and uploading part a bit annoying, but on the other side I would like to do this more often because it would be kinda cool to get feedback from other YouTube users. Also generally, it’s probably cool if I could check out songs that I recorded in the past. So, yeah, I really should do this more often. I hope you liked the song. I know, it’s kinda crazy playing and probably not everyone’s taste. But let me know if you liked it and if you think I should do record more videos.


9 thoughts on “Crazy Wah Wah Solo Improvisation

  1. I think you’re better than you think you are. This is really pretty good, very listenable,
    and yeah, I can hear a bit of Hendrix in this, a lot of 70s. And of course the more you
    do, the better you get. Funny how that works =)

    1. Thank you 🙂 I listen a lot of 60`s and 70`s and this is a very influencing music to me. Yes, I think the wah-wah pedal makes it sound a bit Hendrix, he used wah-wah and fuzz pedals in many songs. One or two riffs in my solo are almost as if they would come out of the Peter Green Black Magic Woman solo. It’s funny, as a guitar player you learn different solos, techniques and then when you improvise, bits and bobs of different songs or techniques come together accidentally. 😀

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