Niendorf Harbour

Above you can see a small harbour in Niendorf near Timmendorfer Strand at the Baltic Sea. I would almost say that the harbour is cute, because it’s a very little harbour. I don’t like to eat fish, but for anyone else this is probably a good place to get fresh fish. Not only did they sell them in small stalls around the harbour, I also saw a fishing boat that just came in and they had freshly caught fish on board. I liked to roam around the harbour because of the typical baltic flair. You can find more pictures from … Continue reading Niendorf Harbour


Above you can see one of my favorite meals, one that is not German. Of course, some of my favorite meals are German, others Italian and I also like Asian food but the meal in the picture is Arabic or North African. It’s called Couscous or Cous Cous and it’s hot, and super delicious. My mother can cook it very well, but she did not learn it with a cook book. Before her current husband, she was together with someone else, and his sister was together with someone who came originally from Tunisia. We were regularly invited and they prepared … Continue reading Couscous

Here is How You Can Hide The UI in The Sailaway Game

I am currently playing Sailaway, the sailing simulator for PC since it’s a quite relaxing game for in between times. Since the game looks quite beautiful, especially the water, I wondered how I can take screenshots without the UI. Since it’s a game on Steam, you basically just have to press the default screenshot key of steam (F12), but all those overlays of the UI would be in the screenshot as well. So, I tried to find out how I can disable the UI to take better screenshots. And the only thing you need to do to remove the UI … Continue reading Here is How You Can Hide The UI in The Sailaway Game