Niendorf Harbour

Niendorf Harbour at the Baltic Sea

Above you can see a small harbour in Niendorf near Timmendorfer Strand at the Baltic Sea. I would almost say that the harbour is cute, because it’s a very little harbour. I don’t like to eat fish, but for anyone else this is probably a good place to get fresh fish. Not only did they sell them in small stalls around the harbour, I also saw a fishing boat that just came in and they had freshly caught fish on board. I liked to roam around the harbour because of the typical baltic flair. You can find more pictures from Schleswig-Holstein on my blog.

6 thoughts on “Niendorf Harbour

    1. Thanks Charles. Not so far away. It’s 15 minutes with the train to “Timmendorfer (Strand/Beach in English)” and from there a 15 minutes walk to the small fisher village Niendorf. Or with the car about 40 minutes over the Autobahn. So, it’s outside of Lübeck but very close. 10 miles as the birds fly 🙂

      Another option is to take the train to Travemünde and do a long hike (about 3 miles) along the beach up to the North, because if I then walk all the way up to Niendorf/Timmendorf… I get to see this on my way: of course it also works the other way around since both Timmendorf and Travemünde have a tiny train station.

      Brodtener Ufer a 2.5 miles long steep coast that I like to hike when I am near the beaches. I do this a few times in spring or summer because it’s relaxing there, silend except that you hear the water, it smells salty and good… I can get my head free there, and it’s possible to photograph birds or landscape 🙂 And as mentioned, the tiny fisher village 🙂

      I like to be near the water.

      1. I love the water. My last home was next door to a marina in Dunedin and twice before I lived across the channel from that marina. I loved it there after my wife bought her new Mustang with a big car payment, I thought it would be better to find a cheaper place to live.
        The header on my personal blog shows my wife and I at one of those homes (a condo).

        1. I noticed the header when I read through your blog. The place you’ve been looks good, especially the sunset. Also you both look happy 🙂

          I remember in the past you uploaded bicycle videos on YouTube, I remember one where you drove a long street with palms. Or do I mix something up? I am following a lot of people but I believe it was you. It seems you have more than one channel on YouTube, I think I am subscribed to Bad Cat Chris.

          About water… to be honest, in the past I’ve been in the more southern states of Germany for a week of holidays, but just after a few days I am starting to miss the fresh see air. It’s not just near the beach, also in the city you notice that you are close to the Baltic Sea, and since we have some rivers flowing through. It’s good to be away for a week, but Schleswig-Holstein in general as a state is always my home because I like the fresh breeze more. 🙂 People from other states call us “water rats”, and I think they are right. 😀

        2. I used to have a cycling blog so you may have seen a video from me but I rarely cycle anymore because our current home is not a good place to cycle. When we lived by the water it was a beautiful place to ride a bike and we also had a trail close to home.

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